Why 2022 will be the Year of Content 

PR trends 2022: Why we should think and implement Public Relations in a more multimedia way

2022 is going to be the year that the PR industry will be challenged - as will many of our clients' business models. 

Integrated communication concepts

It is finally time to make the value of PR work measurable and highlight it, so that Public Relations can work hand in hand with marketing and sales. PR is not a satellite discipline that is planned and implemented independently. On the contrary: In the long term, I see integrated communication concepts as a meaningful solution. In other words, concepts in which a narrative is the starting point for communication across all channels and formats for the entire organization. For this, we need significant progress and use of communications technology and better PR controlling standards that can be compared with marketing and sales metrics.

Budget shift to Hero Content in all formats.

With many budgets for events and trade shows being cut (due to the Corona pandemic), more financial resources are available for direct customer communication. Just as B2C brands are becoming publishers, B2B brands are offering their customers individual and high-quality magazines, podcasts, case studies or multimedia magazines. This results in a higher demand for premium content, instead of poor SEO content.

PR goes multimedia

For decades, PR was a text-based profession, just like journalism. In 2022, it's time to adapt PR tactics to new mechanisms and formats. Press kits will become more multimedia and digital, making them easy to send or embed in other web content. Potential speakers or panel participants are also much easier to pitch for events via video than text. And for thought leadership programs, podcasts or statement videos are also great for spreading your mission and vision.  

Therefore, my advice for the new year is: don't just write what you have to say, show it in a video or other multimedia format!

Andrea Buzzi